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Animal Fosters Needed

Have some time and love to share?  Why not share it with a furry four-legged companion?  Consider becoming an animal foster parent today.

“I would rather cry watching them leave our home to live a life of happiness and joy in a loving home than cry because no one stepped up to help them and they remained frightened, sad and homeless”


Foster FAQ's

What does fostering involve?
Fostering involves providing space and love for the animal until they find their permanent home. Trempealeau County Humane Society covers all of the regular costs such as food, vet care, medicine, litter, food and water dishes, etc. It is the responsibility of the foster to provide transportation either to the shelter or the vet if there are vet appointments needed and also for meet and greets. 

How do I know if the animal will be a good fit in my home? 
Whatever your home dynamics may be, we will do our best to match you with a foster animal that best fit your home, skill and comfort level.

Do I get paid to foster? 
No, you do not get paid to foster but you do get the wonderful feeling of knowing you helped out! 


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