Our Board

Carol first began volunteering for TCHS in the summer of 2011 and became a board member in 2012. She chose to volunteer with us because of our small size – she knew we could use the help! – and her love for animals. She enjoys working with the dogs here at the shelter, as well as watching the constantly entertaining antics of the cats. But the best part for her is being able to celebrate when an animal finds their forever home. When not helping out at the shelter, Carol spends a lot of time with her two horses, Lucky and Heather, and her dog, Alice as well as teaching as a substitute teacher.
Mary first started volunteering for TCHS in the spring of 2008 and finally joined the board in the winter of 2016 after a long stint as the shelter's Volunteer Liaison and payroll specialist. She first decided to start volunteering for TCHS because she has always tried to help animals and had heard the we were looking for volunteers. One of her favorite things about all of her time volunteering here is being able to watch animals who have come in with rough histories transform into the wonderful souls they were meant to be. And hearing the amazing stories of animals in their forever homes is equally as satisfying to her. When not helping TCHS, Mary spends her days working in accounting and payroll, pursuing her love of the outdoors and gardening, and spending time with her family, her dog Nina, and her kitties Gorda, Cooney, Fluffins, Thomas, Princess and Pumpkin.
Danielle has been volunteering for TCHS since 2012 and became a board member in the summer of 2014. She originally came to us because her sister was volunteering here, and she heard how much she enjoyed being here. She loves being able to come in and give the animals as much love and attention as she possibly can while they wait to go home to their ‘furever’ homes. When she is not volunteering here, she works as a furniture sales forecaster as well as part-time at a vineyard. When she’s not working, she dotes on her three dogs, Peanut, Mini, and Squirt, and her two cats, Tiger and Smokey.
Cherie started volunteering for TCHS in 2012 and became a board member in April of 2014. She first found us in an advertisement in the newspaper, and since she was looking for ways to help the community and she loves animals, she found this to be the perfect place. Her favorite thing to do while she is here is to give all the kitties waiting for a home lots of love and attention. She especially loves watching them find great new homes. When she is not volunteering here at TCHS, she works in information systems at a local hospital and spends time with her family and three cats Midnight, Xerxes, and Shadow.
Karianne has been helping TCHS since 2012 and just started helping out on the board in early spring of 2015. She first came to us when she was searching for a place to volunteer. Since she gets to work directly with animals here, she thought volunteering at TCHS was the perfect opportunity. She really enjoys being able to come in and spend some time with the dogs, giving them lots of attention until they can find new families. Outside of TCHS, Karianne works as a customer care representative and spends a lot of time with her three dogs Lady, Squiddles, and Chloe.
Sheree and her service dog, Spencer, have both benefited greatly from TCHS. Sheree who has balance issues resulting from an injury sustained in 2010, now has increased mobility with the assistance of Spencer. Spencer was adopted from TCHS and professionally trained by Midwest Assistance Dogs (South Bend, Indiana) to assist with Sheree’s balance, allowing her to lead a more active life. Sheree is an attorney and CPA who lends her professional skills to TCHS as an active Board Member since 2015.
Gary adopted Snickers from TCHS in December 2013 and they quickly became best friends. As thanks for the joy Snickers has brought to his life, Gary began helping out as a fundraising volunteer in 2015 and joined the TCHS Board in December 2017. He now owns and operates the TCHS pickup float you may see in local parades. Gary and Snickers hope you will stop by and say “Hi” to them at an upcoming parade or fundraising event.