"Transforming animal and human relations."

Our Mission

  • To provide safe shelter for stray/abandoned/abused cats and dogs.
  • Promote the placement of animals through adoption and foster-care.
  • Require that all animals placed through us be spayed/neutered.
  • Reunite lost animals with their owners.
  • Educate the public on issues affecting the well-being of animals.

  • Our History

    We opened our doors to the public on November 25th, 2005. The land, materials, and construction of our building were entirely donated by individuals in the community who are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of the animals we serve. It was decided at that time that we would be a no-kill shelter, and we continue to be to this day. Since our doors opened, we have served over 1900 animals. Of those, 1200 were adopted and 700 were found as strays and returned to their families. We look forward to many years of helping every animal that comes through our doors.

    In 2016, TCHS had a livesaving percentage (the number of animals adopted or returned to their families divided by the number animals that came into our facility through surrender or as a stray) of 98%! We returned a total of 54 animals home to their families and adopted out another 123 animals!

    License #268460